Seven Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Peacefully

Do you find it challenging to put your baby to sleep? If yes, then it is something that is exhausting so many of the parents. We have gathered a few baby-sleep tips to get you out of this nerve-wracking trouble.


If you haven’t had a good night’s sleep or a peaceful car ride since your little one was born, you are definitely not alone. Most parents have gone through this. Babies are adorable and cute, but the constant crying through the night can literally make you lose your mind. If you are enduring all that without doing anything, you need to take your peace and sleep back. Here are seven effective baby-sleep tips for exhausted parents.


1. Swaddle

Babies usually experience a startle reflex until they are 5-6 months old, meaning they constantly feel as if they are falling, which can make sleeping harder for them. Keeping a proper swaddle prevents your baby from startling too much and gives them a better and longer sleep.

You can also put your infants into a sleeping bag. This will help them feel comfortable and relaxed as they sleep. Baby sleeping bags are specially designed to keep your little one snug and safe.

Even if your baby doesn’t like being wrapped into a sleeping bag or swaddle, we suggest you keep trying it.

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2. Set A Bedtime Routine

A study conducted with 405 mothers and babies aged between 7 months and 36 months showed that infants who follow a set bedtime routine sleep earlier, better and cry less often in the middle of the night.

You can start your little one’s bedtime routine as early as they get 6 weeks old. Here are a few things you can do:

· Make consistent nighttime conditions in your baby’s bedroom. For instance, if the lights are darker at the start of the routine, keep them darker night after night.

· Giving your baby a bath just before bedtime is a highly effective trick. This helps mot babies calm down.

· Play active games during the day. This helps your baby get exhausted during the night when it is time to sleep.


3. White Noise and Shades

Install a white noise machine and window shades in your baby’s room. White noise helps muffle out unnecessary outside noises, and shades block light, giving your baby a perfect womb-like environment. Babies are typically light-sleepers, and when they sleep, they are in a dream-like state. Anything, and we repeat, anything can wake your baby in this state—a slow beep of your phone, TV running in the next room, and even your footsteps. But white noise will stop all these sounds from reaching your baby. Some white noise machines have timers, but we suggest buying one that you could plugin so it runs all night.

4. Check the Temperature

Warmth is good, but too much warmth can be uncomfortable for your little one. Everyone, including babies, sleep much longer and better in a cold room. So, we suggest keeping the thermostat in your baby’s room between 67 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit to give your infant a relaxed and comfortable sleeping environment.

If you feel your baby’s fingers and they are cold, don’t worry. Put a hand on your baby’s chest instead; if it is warm, your baby is at no harm.


5. Infant Seat Covers for Traveling

Traveling is never peaceful with babies, and it becomes a nightmare when you are traveling long-distance with your little one. It’s hard to feed them, put them to sleep, and even handle them during a car ride. And some babies just seem to hate cars for no reason. But don’t despair, because half of your “traveling with a baby” problems can be solved with a warm car seat cover. These covers are life-saving inventions for parents, honestly. They come in different materials and types to fit your baby’s needs. Plus, they are great for putting your babies to sleep during a car ride. Just put on an infant seat cover on your baby’s car seat when traveling. These covers provide your baby with a snug fit, ideal temperature, and dim lights. In short, these covers are your baby’s perfect sleep partners!


6. Prepare for Quick Changes  

Hunting drawers for fresh crib sheets in the middle of the night is nothing but chaos. Let’s look at the situation: your baby has wet his sheets, you are turning on lights and making more noise to find new sheets, your baby is now fully awake due to all the disturbance, and you are again in the never-ending cycle of putting him back to sleep. Instead of going through all this trouble, why not prepare before? Double-up the sheets in your baby’s crib beforehand to save your time and energy. Place a clean sheet on your baby’s bed, then a disposable waterproof sheet, then another clean sheet. This way, you won’t have to hunt for new sheets every time your baby leaks his diaper.

7. You Need a Break

If your friends, colleagues, cousins are constantly telling you how their babies were sound sleepers and didn’t trouble them during their initial months, tune it out. This comparison is unnecessary, unhelpful, and will stress you out further. Every baby is born differently with different habits and sleeping schedules. You need observation, a lot of patience, and a bit of trial and error to solve your baby’s sleeping issues. Don’t lose hope; your baby has a terrible sleeping pattern at two months doesn’t mean they will always act like this. Things will change, and so will you and your baby. So, give yourself a break.


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