Seven Genius Diapering Hacks for New Parents

We are on a mission to the make lives of new parents easier! Today, we have come up with seven brilliant diapering hacks that will make changing diapers a lot easier.


Parenthood is amazing, and there are many perks that come with it, but unfortunately, changing diapers isn’t one. In fact, changing diapers can become tiresome, disgusting, and nausea-inducing. And if your little one is an active buddy who cries a lot and moves a lot, good luck with changing diapers.


With so many things circling around your head constantly, changing diapers can become very challenging. Apart from that, you are always worried about finding the softest diapers, the gentlest wipes, and storing the diapering equipment right, so you can handle your baby with care. Long story short, diapering is no less than a nightmare for new parents.


Making the diapering process easier and hassle-free is the key to reducing your stress. To help you with this, we have listed down 7 amazing hacks that can make changing diapers less challenging and a lot easier!

1. Keep everything Handy

It’s important to have every diapering item close by before you start changing your baby’s diaper. It’s best that you assign a specific corner of the nursery as a "diapering station" and store everything there. Every item including fresh diapers, changing pads, baby wipes, sanitizers, rash creams, etc. should be placed in that specific corner.

Whenever your baby needs diaper changing, you can take him to the station, spread out the changing pad, and unpack the diaper without creating any mess.

2. Use Their Favorite Toy

Babies usually make a fuss during a diaper change, which can make this annoying task even more unbearable. Distracting the baby with toys can help you a great deal during the diaper change.

Make sure to keep your baby's favorite toy at the diapering station along with other items. Whenever your baby makes a fuss during a diaper change, hand them over the toy. And remember, you should give them this toy exclusively during the diaper changing sessions so they don’t get bored with it. It’s a great hack and exclusivity always works!  

 3. Carry a Backpack for Diapers

You will be surprised at how many things you will have to carry around once you have a baby. While there are a wide variety of diaper bags available, it's much easier and more convenient to carry diaper essentials in a backpack.

 There are several reasons to choose a backpack over a traditional over-the-shoulder diaper bag. For one, it’s more convenient to carry. It becomes very difficult to hold the baby with one hand and handle the diaper bag with another. Carrying everything in a backpack leaves your hands completely free.

Additionally, backpacks often have more pockets and more room to organize different items.

4. Keep your Nails Short

While it may seem a huge sacrifice, cutting your long nails is probably going to make life a little easier- both for you and your baby.

Who doesn’t like manicured and painted long nails? But when you think about it, your nails can get in the way when you diaper your baby and clean him up. First off, you can potentially scratch your baby while handling him, which is something no one wants. If your baby feels uncomfortable or gets hurt, it can cause him to cry during the entire process.  

Another reason why cutting your nails is a must is long nails are very hard to maintain and keep clean. They collect all the dirt and debris under them. The thought of getting poop stuck under your nails is just not a pleasant picture.

So it’s high time you say bye-bye to your nails.

 5. Maintain Eye Contact

Always make eye contact with your babies during the diaper change. This keeps them entertained and makes them feel more secure.

Babies usually cry during diaper change because of the discomfort, so make them feel as comfortable as possible by maintaining eye contact and constantly talking to them. Even if you are moving around the room to fetch something, keep responding to their voice and don't break eye contact. Call out their name or respond to their cooing during the process to make them know you are there.

6. Try Singing

Singing to calm your baby is no new hack. But it’s the one that always works. Everything seems impossible when your baby is throwing tantrums. You cannot change your baby’s diaper when he is being cranky. It’s a process that requires you and your baby to be calm and collected. One thing that you should try is to sing and distract your baby.

This is something that mothers have been doing for centuries to calm their babies and instantly put a stop to their tantrums. You can try signing nursery rhyme or lullabies. This way, your baby will not only calm down but will feel less agitated.

Singing is a great way to keep you and your baby in a great mood.

7. Get Siblings Involved

If the entire situation starts getting too much out of control for you, then you can get someone else involved. Older siblings, besides teenagers, of course, feel happy to help and get involved. Having an older sibling around while you are changing your baby will help in more than one way.

To start, you will not have to do a lot to distract your baby. Your other kid will probably take care of it.  And second, they can become your extra hand and help you in small tasks like fetching wipes or disposing of waste. This will help the siblings bond as well. It's a win-win situation for both you and your baby.


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