Safe Sleep For Babies: What Parents Need To Know?

Good and peaceful sleep is very important for babies to keep their mood bright and cheery. If you are new to parenting and what to know some easy tips to ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully, then this is the right place for you. Keep on reading to find out some basic pointers that all parents need to know.


Have you ever wondered why your baby is always annoyed and cranky? Your baby's mood can deeply affect your mood, your relationship, and your communication. One reason for your baby's relentless crying and tantrum can be the fact that he is not getting enough sleep.


Or maybe not getting better sleep, babies have a very weak sleep and tend to wake up even at the slightest noise. And let's not even get started at the struggles of putting them back to sleep. It's all tiptoeing on the eggshells and talking in hushed tones when your baby is sleeping.


Even after taking so many precautions, there are some basic things that parents overlook most of the time. In this article, we are going to discuss some simple ways you can ensure a safe and peaceful sleep for your baby.


1. Place your baby on its back.

You have probably heard a lot of times that you shouldn't put your baby sideways or on their stomach while sleeping. But do you know the reason why?

Studies worldwide suggest that making babies sleep on their back lowers the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is the reason why you should never put your baby to sleep on their stomach. If you practice it from the very beginning then your baby will also be more comfortable sleeping on his back.


Sleeping on back can also improve posture in both babies and adults. Therefore, you must place your baby gently on their back once they are asleep or make them sleep on their back in the first place. Most parents make this mistake and don't pay much attention to it since they don't really know where this mantra of "making babies sleep on their back" came from. Most parents just don't know the logic behind it and they think of it as insignificant advice. However, now you know that there are some serious researches and studies based on this topic and it's a scientific fact that placing your baby on their back while they are sleeping has many physical advantages as well.


2. Babies need comfort and safety when they sleep outdoors

We all know that putting your baby to sleep when outdoors or traveling is a nightmare. Toddlers and infants tend to get annoyed and super uncomfortable while on the road or traveling and this disturbs their sleep. Your baby needs proper safety and comfort to sleep while you are traveling.


What's better than Acrabros baby cat seat covers? These car seat covers go on after you safely put your baby in the car seat. It tucks your baby in and keeps him safe from the germs and cold.

3. Use a firm and flat sleep surface

As we mentioned above, good sleep is very important to protect your baby from SIDS. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to place your baby on a flat and firm surface to ensure good sleep. A flat and comfortable crib can make your baby feel snuggly while keeping him safe.

Pillows and fuzzy loungers can increase the suffocation risk for your baby since they can get in the way while your baby is sleeping. Therefore you should place your baby on a flat, even, and comfortable surface when he is all ready for the sweet dreams.


4. Keep everything out of the crib.

While your baby is awake, you put so many stuffed toys and bright objects around him to keep him entertained and that's alright. But do you make sure all the toys and clatter are clear when you put your baby to sleep?

If not, then now is probably the time you should start doing it. Make sure that the crib is clean and it doesn't have any toys or extra pillows inside. Too much stuff inside the crib can increase suffocation risk and can also get in the way while your baby is sleeping.


5. Baby carrier

Making sure that your baby gets his sleep is very important, even when you are outside. Baby carriers work magic when it comes to managing and relaxing your baby while you are on the move. Your touch and warmth can make the little one instantly calm down and fall into a peaceful sleep. Acrabros baby carriers ensure maximum safety and comfort for both you and your baby. You can have your hands free and can easily do your chores as well. Babies usually prefer to sleep close to you and gentle rocking does wonder. This is the reason why a baby carrier is a must-have baby gear that all parents should have.


6. Pacifier.

If your baby has trouble sleeping then you can use a pacifier. Some babies are just happy when they are sucking on something and a pacifier can also help your baby stay asleep for longer. A pacifier can also reduce the risk of sleep-related deaths in babies and it just makes your baby doze off instantly. However, before using a pacifier, always make sure that it's clean and never leave a string attached to the pacifier. The string can cause a strangling risk.


These tips are simple yet smart. They can help you a great deal with the long and safe sleep of your baby- along with your own. If you have no clue where you can find a safe, secure, and comfortable baby carrier and a car seat cover, then we suggest you visit Acrabros and check out their amazing baby products.