Identify Your Baby’s Language; Tips to Communicate with Your Newborn

Communication with your newborn is a two-way process. Just as you are learning to decipher his needs and likes through his movements, your baby is also picking up the tones and words that you are using with him. For new parents, not understanding what their baby wants is the biggest fear ever. To resolve this fear, we are going to tell you some tips to interpret your baby's language and communicate better.


“But how will I know if he needs food or something else?”  

This is a common concern among new parents who are still clueless about how to understand their babies and the only answer they get is a laugh. If you are also one of those parents, then we are here to answer all your questions.


As a parent, it is crucial to understand your baby’s moods and needs. You might not know it, but your baby is always communicating with you. Be it his movements, gestures, or incessant crying, he is always telling you what he needs. It’s hard to put a finger on it in the beginning but you eventually start to understand his language.


Why Understanding Your Newborn Is Important?

There are countless benefits of building better communication with your newborn. It is not an optional thing, if you want to take care of a baby; you need to decipher his language.

 You Will Know How to Respond

If you will closely observe your baby, then only you can know what is your baby prefers. Every baby is different and so are their likes and dislikes. By paying attention to his responses, you will know whether he prefers to be rocked gently or sleep on his back. These are some small things that are going to make life a lot easier for you.

 It Will Build Trust

Understanding your baby and responding to his needs will make your baby relax and calm. He will be less cranky and you, less anxious. This communication will also build trust between you guys and your baby will feel that he is cared for.

 You Can Avoid Wrong Calls

A lot of times, your baby is telling you what to do. You just need to pay attention. By understanding what your baby is trying to communicate, you will be able to avoid any wrong calls. For instance, trying to feed or play with your baby when he is sleepy.


How to Tell What Your Baby Wants?

Understanding certain baby cues are not easy and there are tons of questions that pop into your mind. To make it easy, we have picked some of the most frequently asked questions to answer.


Does your baby need to be fed?

When your baby needs to be fed, he will probably cry and make uneasy sounds to let you know. But if you still cannot decipher what he wants, you will notice that your baby will suck on his fingers, hands, or fist when he is hungry. Rooting is another sign that your baby is hungry. He will show this by turning his head to one side and opening his mouth.


Does your baby need sleep?

When your baby shows a lack of interest in playing or things happening around him, then it is probably time for bed. Your baby will also seem to drift and will be blinking with glazed eyes. Babies tend to get super cranky when they are sleepy and couldn't get any sleep. So you must understand these cues and put your baby to sleep as soon as you notice them drifting to the sleepy side.


Is your baby bored?

Babies tell you when they need to be entertained. Once your baby gets enough sleep  and is well fed, he will be alert and ready to play. He will look at you with wide eyes and will alertly follow your every action. Babies do this when they are bored and they need attention. You can simply talk to your newborn, make silly faces at him, and give him time to communicate with you. When in the mood to play, your baby will show interest in objects around him and respond to the noises. Pay attention to his movements and engage with him when he is ready to play.


Does he need changing?

A wet or soiled diaper can make your baby uncomfortable. If your baby needs changing, he will let you know by either crying or losing interest while playing. To keep your baby from getting cranky, you must respond to his likes and dislikes. If a wet diaper is causing your baby discomfort, then you should change it as quickly as possible so that you won't ruin his mood.


Is your baby too hot or too cold?

To check your baby’s temperature, simply put a hand on your baby’s neck or on his tummy to get an idea of whether your baby is hot or cold. If your baby is hot, you will notice that his neck is sweaty and his cheeks will look flushed.


If your baby’s hands and neck feel cold, then you should probably add gloves and booties to keep him warm. Always remember that babies lose a lot of heat through their heads. Therefore it is important to always put a hat on when going out with your baby.


Your baby will probably cry and fuss if he is feeling too hot or too cold. Dressing your baby according to the temperature is very important to avoid cold. You should also dress your baby in layers so that you can simply remove a layer if your baby is feeling too hot or add one if it is too cold.


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