How to Change Your Baby’s Clothes? The Ultimate Guide to Dressing a Squirmy Baby

Dressing a screaming and squirming baby is a nightmare for every parent. And this is just the step one of baby grooming. If you are new to parenting and the thought of forcing your baby into onesies is making you nervous. Then fret not, because this is an ultimate guide of how to dress up your baby.


There is so much to understand when it comes to dressing up your baby. Babies have bigger heads than the rest of their bodies and getting clothes over their head without irritating them is a real task for most parents. You have to be super careful and gentle when you are changing your baby’s clothes. And on top of all this, you need to make sure that the entire process is not traumatizing your little one.


If you follow these tips, dressing up your baby will become nothing but a piece of cake!


1.  A Fully Equipped Changing Station

It can be really frustrating to change your baby's clothes when you don't have what you need. You need to organize everything near you when you are changing your baby's clothes so that the process doesn't take you any longer than it should. A changing table can stock everything that you will need for a smooth dressing session. However, there is a risk of your baby wriggling and falling from the table. This is the reason why most parents prefer to dress up their baby where there is no risk of falling. You can lay your baby face-up on the bed or the floor with an changing pad underneath him.


However, if you are using a changing table, then make sure that you are keeping one hand on your baby’s stomach at all times. Do not leave your baby alone on the changing table. This is the reason why you need to keep everything in the reach so you will not have to rush and grab stuff while dressing up your baby.

 2. Be Patient

No baby likes to be pushed and pulled into the clothes. And they certainly do not like it when you roughly squeeze the garment over their head. You need to be fun and gentle when dressing up your baby. For starters don't push your baby's tiny hands out of the shirt. Instead, push your hand inside the sleeve and gently pull your baby's hand out. The same goes with the legs. Babies wriggle and squirm a lot when you are trying to dress them which means there is no way you will be able to push those tiny arms out without getting hold of them. This way you can easily get hold of their arms and gently pull through. It's quick and painless.


3. Hold Your Baby in Your Lap

This tip is for parents who have older babies. At around six months of age, babies increase their mobility and start sitting up straight with a little support. It is easier to push younger babies in or out of the clothes, but once they start moving and throwing tantrums, it becomes ten times more difficult to change their clothes. One great tip is to make your baby sit on your lap to control his movements better.


Put your troublemaker on your lap in a way that his back is resting against your chest. Make sure that your baby's head is always supported. This is the position that gives you much more control to direct your baby's movements. You can put on the clothes while he is sitting on your lap and you will have a fully dressed baby within no time.

This method is also effective because your baby will feel much more comfortable when sitting on your lap. Your touch and support will relax him better as compared to putting him on the floor.

 4. Sing and Be Playful

Honestly, half of the problems that parents face will fade only if they start understanding what goes inside a baby's mind. You need to distract your little one from the fact that clothes are being pulled over his head. You can do this by simply singing to him and by talking. Engage your baby and divert his attention whenever he tries to squirm out of your hand. For most babies, a little talking and singing playfully will do the trick. But if your baby is a little difficult, then make sure that you have his favorite toy ready to distract him.


5. Some Small Tips for Changing Your Baby’s Clothes

There are a few things that you pretty much learn with time. But if you are a new parent, we have got it covered for you. When putting clothes above your baby’s head, use your fingers to stretch the neck and then push it through the head. You can also use your fingers to make a barrier between the garment and your baby's face so that the fibers and threads will not irritate his delicate skin. Another tip is to never use clothes with long strings in them that can wrap around your baby's neck while he is sleeping or playing.  If your baby is crying, then take your time and wait for him to calm down before you jump to the changing part.


Buying clothes for your baby and planning outfits for him is probably the most exciting part of parenting, but putting your baby into those pretty outfits is equally difficult. With these easy tips, we hope that your next changing session will be a little less frustrating.


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