How Do I Keep My Baby Warm and Safe During Winter?

Worrying for your child's protection during this chilly weather? Don't! Just follow these cold-weather tips to keep your baby warm and safe this winter!

The winds are suddenly cold, the snow is falling hard, and it's time to cozy up in huge coats, mittens, and wool hats. But if you have a baby at home, they need a totally different kind of protection. You can add layers of clothes but that may lead to overheating, you might underdress them while going out and they might catch a cold. You need to do the right thing as a parent. So, what do you do?

Here are some tips to ensure you have a smooth and fun winter with your little one without compromising their safety.

1. Use a Blanket


When you are putting kids to sleep or they are at home, you should prefer wearable blankets. This can prevent regular blankets from getting in way of sound sleep and the safety of your child. Blankets are soft, warm, snuggly, and can do a great job of keeping your baby warm. You can also use sleeping bags at night to keep your body warm.


When going out choose a not-too-thin and not-too-bulky blanket that will cover your baby properly in their car seats. Place your baby inside the seat, buckle them up, and throw a blanket over them. This way, your baby will be warm, and the extra clothing won't interfere with the seat harness. Plus, you can always take it off when your baby is overheating.

2. Layering your child

Covering your child in layers helps you manage their body temperature well. No one can know better than YOU on how many layers your child needs and also according to the temperature. Adding layers can help your baby from cold and you can remove layers to avoid overheating.

3. Warmth of Hands and Head

Keeping your baby's hands and head covered is very important! Babies usually lose a lot of heat through their heads and hands. Therefore, these areas need to be sufficiently covered at all times. Try to use mittens that are lightweight but provide considerable warmth, and choose a soft woolen hat, so the baby doesn’t get overheated. If, by any chance, your baby is a thumb sucker, keep another pair of dry and clean mittens ready. You can also put on some fleece-lined socks on your baby's feet to make them warm.


Don’t make your baby wear warm hats, mittens, and socks at night. It can lead to overheating, suffocation, and can be hazardous. Ask your doctor and if they advise you, use lightweight products and make sure the socks, mittens, and hat are not too tight so it doesn’t prevent the baby from releasing body heat.

4. Room Temperature and Humidity

According to Sleep Advisor, the perfect temperature of your child’s nursery should be between 65F-72F. Remember that the thermostat of your house might not tell you the exact temperature of your baby’s room. So, you can use a thermostat or thermometer to maintain the temperature of your baby’s room.

You can also use a humidifier to maintain appropriate humidity in your baby’s room. Low humidity can make you feel cold more than the rooms with appropriate humidity.

5. Try Out a Fleece Coat when Going Out

Fleece-lined coats and jackets are often not too bulky to wear and still manage to provide considerable protection against cold. When the cold winds are blowing outside, and it's warm inside your home. You need to cover your child in a fleece-lined coat while going out. Fleece provides excellent protection against cold and doesn't feel like you are wearing something heavy.

6. Keep Your Baby Dry and Clean

Imagine this: it's freezing cold outside, and you are soaked in water. Did you just feel the chill run down your spine? It can also happen to a baby when their diaper is leaking. Whether you are at home or you are heading outside, keep a check on their diapers. A leaking diaper during winter can cause your baby to catch hypothermia. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your baby is dry especially before taking them out. A dry diaper can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

7. Crib Tips

Keeping your baby safe and warm and night is really important. Here are some crib tips for you to keep your child protected!

1.  You can pre-heat the crib with a hot water bottle or heating pad. (Try to do it 15-20 minutes prior to putting your baby to crib)
2. The position of your baby’s crib is very important. Try to place the crib away from windows, vents, fans, etc. Also, make sure to close the windows properly before putting your baby to sleep.

3 Use good quality and firm mattress (with a fitted-waterproof protector sheet) in your baby’s crib. Soft mattresses can make your baby sick from the cold air stored in the mattress.

8. Infant Seat Cover

Out of all the options, incorporating a warm car seat cover in your vehicle is the most reliable and safe option to keep your baby warm and protected in extreme weather. Not only infant seat covers are great for keeping your little one warm and cozy, but they are also highly convenient and protect your baby against several other elements (sunlight, dust, etc.).

Just put a cover on your baby's car seat, place them inside, and zip up the cover. For extra warmth and a cozy atmosphere, you can select one with a breathable mesh design and adjustable temperature controls. The mesh design allows you to check on your baby without disturbing them and temperature controls ensure a perfectly warm environment for your little one.

Bulky clothing is a big no when you are placing your child in a baby seat. It can prevent the harness from fitting properly and make your child uncomfortable. Plus, an ill-fitted harness can significantly impact your baby's safety during car crashes. So, purchasing a car seat cover winter is the best option if you wish to protect your baby against cold weather! You can choose an infant car seat with a canopy to protect your child from cold.

 Last Words

When it comes to winter and the protection of your infants, many equipment and products are available that will guarantee to shield your child against cold. But as a parent, you need to analyze whether you are comprising your kiddo's safety with all these options. Keeping your baby warm is important but what's more important is to select a product that doesn't endanger your child by interfering with the seat harness and doesn't block the flow of fresh air for your baby.

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