Here’s How to Set Up a Nursery for Your Little One

Is your little one on the way? You must be planning about setting up a nursery. Here’s a complete guide on how to design a budget-friendly nursery.

Designing and setting up modern-style nurseries have become big business for interior designers. They are making big bucks out of your desire to set up a soothing, safe, and serene bedroom for your baby. It’s now easier than ever to find a home stylist or an interior decorator to help you select the best furniture, toys, and other nursery wares for your baby’s bedroom. And everything will work fine…if you have the money.

But what if you have to do it yourself? You may have some doubts about the practicalities of designing a nursery or you may be completely clueless. Whatever it is, you don’t have to worry. Here, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to design a nursery. Hopefully, this guide will get you started.

1. Look for an Inspiration

To lay the foundation of your dream nursery, you must come up with an inspiration. Your inspiration could be anything, a tropical vacation that you loved, a cot design, or a range of stuff toys that you like. You should basically have an idea in mind that you could use as a theme for your baby’s nursery. You can also base this theme on something that has sentimental value to you.

Or you can build this theme around an item. For instance, if you have discovered a beautiful crib somewhere, you can use this crib as a “seed item” and start building the whole theme around the crib design.

2. Don’t Overdo the Theme

It’s best if you don’t go overboard with the theme. You can start by choosing a neutral-colored furniture, and then build the theme with accent wallpapers, hangings, textiles, toys, and lightings. This way, you can easily replace the accent pieces whenever you feel like changing the theme.

Furniture, accessories, and bedding. These are the three basic elements of a nursery, and furniture is the most expensive one. It is always wise to keep the furniture neutral, so you don’t have to replace it every time you want a new theme.

Even if you are sticking to a certain theme while designing your baby’s nursery, choose soft colors to keep the environment serene and calm for both you and your little one.

3. Map Out the Nursery

Nursery has different areas designated for playing, sleeping, nursing, and changing. You need to analyze the space you have and strategically decide where each furniture piece should go. You should also consider safety standards for crib placement while doing so. For instance, your baby’s crib shouldn’t be placed near wall hangings, canopies, or fancy lightings.

Furniture in your baby’s room should include: a crib, a changing table, and a rocking chair for nursing. You should always purchase big ticket items first to keep track of your budget, and it’s not always necessary to buy a new furniture. You can move your favorite glider from living room to your baby’s nursery, and you can easily use the top of your chest drawer as a changing table.

Experts say that babies outgrow baby-specific furniture very fast. So, it’s best if you use your home’s existing furniture in the nursery.   

4. Décor and Color Palette

It’s totally fine if you are going with gender specific colors, but most parents these days are choosing calmer and serene colors such as white, yellow, and pastels for their little one’s bedroom. These colors give your baby’s room a calmer and gender-neutral vibe.

You can also have fun with the ceiling while keeping the rest of the room neutral. Babies spend a lot of their time on their backs facing the ceiling. So, make it as colorful and appealing as you can. If you have always liked bolder themes for your baby’s room but have this fear of making it too loud, apply all your imaginations just to the ceiling. This will keep the overall environment calmer, while giving your baby’s nursery a hint of boldness that you want.

Similarly, don’t overdo the décor, but you can use minimal items to make the room rustic, modern, contemporary, boho, or whatever you have in mind. Just remember, decorate the nursery in a way that’s easier for you to maintain.

5. Noise Control, light, and Temperature

Nurseries should be designed in a way that aids your baby’s sleeping schedule. It’s crucial to have temperature controls, white noise machines, and light filtering options in your baby’s room. Use thick curtains, drapes, black out shades, or interior and external shutters to block or filter out light in your baby’s nursery. There are also certain lamps available in the market that can mimic the nighttime environment to help your baby sleep faster and better.

Your baby’s nursery should also have a door and thick-piled rugs to muffle the outside noise. White noise machines also help a great deal in putting a crying baby to sleep.

Lastly, focus on the temperature in your baby’s room. Set up a thermostat, so you can track the temperature in the nursery.

6. Design an Age-less Nursery

Babies don’t always stay babies—it’s a fact! So, make sure to keep the design of your little one’s room as adaptable as possible. Experts say that you should use age-less curtains, décor, and wallpapers, so that the room can be easily changed or renewed throughout your baby’s childhood.


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