Everything You Need to Know About Baby Basket or Safety Basket

Welcoming a newborn is one of the most enriching experiences of life, but the responsibility to make the very best decisions for the comfort of your baby can sometimes overwhelm you. From purchasing the right clothing for your little one to deciding what pram to buy, there is a lot of work to be done when a new life is coming into this world. And one of the most crucial decisions you are going to make as a parent is deciding where your tiny little pumpkin will sleep. There are plenty of options to choose from but if you want to keep things a little minimalistic while ensuring the comfort of your baby, the Moses basket or baby basket is something you should go with.

Haven’t heard of a baby basket before? Don’t worry, we have got you all covered. In this article, we are going to state every possible detail you should know about a baby basket or a safety basket. So, keep on reading and learn all about this perfect baby bed.

What is a baby basket?

When you think of a baby basket, an image of a woven jute box big enough to hold a baby may come to your mind. While your imagination is quite correct, a baby basket is not just something to hold your little one for a while, it’s a comfortable bed where your baby can sleep for hours.

You can think of it as a portable sleeping space for your baby. A baby basket typically has a maximum weight limit of 20 lbs, meaning your baby can safely sleep inside it for up to 4 months. The new designs of baby baskets are usually woven from wicker, palm, and husk. Two handles on each side of the basket allow you to make a safe grip and move the basket from one room to another. It provides an extremely cozy sleeping space for your babies and usually comes with a canopy, a sheet, and a mattress.

Do you need a stand for your baby basket?

While you can easily place a baby basket on the floor or any flat surface, parents who do not prefer keeping their baby on the ground can purchase a baby basket stand that can hold their baby basket up to a higher position. These stands can easily be bought online or from a retailer, and they are also very affordable. One good thing about baby basket stands is that they are typically foldable, meaning you can take them anywhere with you and store them without any problem. They also come with a rocking feature that can help soothe your baby during sleep.

Whether to buy a stand along with a baby basket is totally your own decision, but having a stand definitely will help you use your baby's basket to its full potential.

What kind of bedding goes into a baby basket?

Baby baskets usually come with a fixed mattress that is designed to keep your baby cozy and comfortable at all times. Apart from that, coverlets, blankets, and sheets are also part of the bedding. However, you do not have to use everything at once to keep your baby cozy. Adjust the outside temperature instead of stuffing your baby’s basket.

Make sure you have a number of fitted sheets that can easily go over the mattress without being loose. You can also purchase mattress liners, so the baby basket remains clean at all times.

Baby basket safety

There are some safety rules you must follow while putting your baby to sleep in a baby basket. The first thing you need to know is that your little one should be in the "feet to foot" position inside the basket, meaning their feet should face the end of the basket. This way, your baby will remain more cozy and comfortable through her nap.  

The mattress safety is also very important when you are using a baby basket. Experts suggest that it is highly crucial that you have a firm, fitted mattress inside the basket that is leakproof. Plus, the mattress you are using for your little one must not have any cushioned or soft areas and must be completely flat. Using a soft mattress that dents can significantly increase the chances of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in babies. Moreover, a soft mattress doesn’t allow babies to properly release body heat, which can cause them to become too hot during their sleep. Therefore, use a mattress that is entirely flat and firm enough to hold your baby’s head in place. Remember, your baby’s head shouldn’t sink into the mattress beyond a few millimeters.

Things you need to check before buying a baby basket

Here’s a complete checklist for you before buying a baby basket:

Enquire before buying if it conforms to the safety standards laid out by your state.

Ask if the basket comes with the stand. If your manufacturer is giving the stand with the basket, then it is sure to fit it properly without being loose or anything.

Check the handles properly before buying a baby basket. Both handles must be firm and provide a comfortable grip so you can easily carry the basket whenever necessary. The handles should meet in the middle to allow a firm grip and also fold outwards, so they don’t interfere with your baby’s hands.

Check the weight. The basket you are purchasing shouldn’t be too bulky because mums are usually not in the condition to carry heavy weight right after birth.

Consider purchasing a baby basket with a canopy or a hood as it keeps your little one cozy and shaded.

Ask what material is it made of. Wicker is usually a better and more durable choice, but if you are looking for something that can be cleaned more easily, choose the one made out of fabric or plastic.

Does it come with a flat, firm, and fitted mattress? If not, make sure to ask the seller where you can find a basket standard-sized mattress.

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