Children Toy Safety Guide; Select Age-Appropriate Toys for Your Kid

Toys are great to distract kids and calm them down. Doesn't matter how old is your baby; a colorful flashy toy will always help you in keeping your troublemaker occupied. However, parents often overlook the details when buying toys for their kids.


You cannot just put any toy in your baby’s hand. If your baby has just grown out of the infant seat, then you need to make sure that you buy toys that will help him learn and identify things. Similarly, for smaller babies, colorful and flashy toys will work wonders to distract them.


Different kinds of toys suit different age groups. If you are new to parenting and have no idea how to buy age-appropriate toys for your baby, then keep on reading! In this blog, we will tell you all the secrets of choosing the best toys for your kid.


0-6 Months

When you are baby is an infant, he will pretty much lay there observing his surroundings. This is the time when babies look at the colors and objects around them. One of the great toys for infants is multicolored and flashy crib mobiles. At this age, your baby is probably going to spend most of his or her time in the crib looking upon the gazing faces. Why not give him something fun and flashy to look at. You can also buy rattles and soft stuffed balls. Make sure that the toys you are buying don't have long strings attached to them to avoid any strangling hazard while they are playing or sleeping.


When your baby is less than six months of age, their imagination is close to none as they are still trying to understand and observe the objects around them. So there is no point buying pretend toys like action figures and barbies for them.


6-9 Months

This is the period when your baby will cease to just observe the things around him. He will now start grabbing for the things in his surroundings. He may also repeat some actions to learn them. You need to be extra careful when your baby starts to grab things. You do not want to diminish his curiosity but you also don't want him to hurt himself. Babies at this age usually put everything and anything in their mouths. They want to taste whatever comes into their hands. Make sure that you buy toys larger in size that will not cause any choking hazards.


This is also the period when your baby will start teething. Buy soft rubber textured toys for your baby that will help him ease the teething pain. These textured toys are usually safe for your baby to nibble and suck on because they don’t have any sharp edges and cannot be swallowed. You can also buy soft stuffed animals and squeaky rubber toys. Toys that make some kind of noise are best for kids of this age since they engage your baby in developing their hearing abilities.


9-12 Months

When your baby starts nearing one year, you will notice that he will no longer just grab anything. But he will set a goal and take steps to see the outcomes. You see how children at this age just love doing bizarre things. For instance, throwing things from a height and putting their hands in power sockets. This is the period when kids are intrigued to see the consequences of their actions.

Do you know how we sometimes wonder what will happen if we do this? Well, kids don't wonder, they actually do it. This is the perfect time to introduce your kid to some great fun and learning toys. Your baby will probably start recognizing shapes and sizes at this age. Therefore you can buy shape sorter, poles, and rings for your kid to play with. You can also buy blocks and small easy puzzles to boost your baby's learning and creativity.


1-2 Years

At this age, your baby will start crawling and moving. This is the period when you want your kid to develop better physical abilities. You can introduce some sports and active toys to encourage physical activities. A small bat and softball is a great toy choice at this age. This is also the age when your kid will start being imaginative. You can introduce your kid to some pretend toys like cartoon dolls and characters. There is a pretty good variety of pretend toys out there that you can choose from. Or you can let your kid choose himself and describe his interests.


You can find everything from toy toolkits to doctor sets. Just let your kid wander different types of toys without putting any kind of gender or personal restrictions. This is a great way to understand your kid’s personality traits and to understand his likes and dislikes.


2-4 Years

As your kid will start going to school, you will need a lot of different toys to keep him or her entertained. You need to make sure that the toys have that education and learning factor in them. Easy puzzles and board games will be useful to stimulate brain activity. At this age, you can also buy crayons and drawing pads for your kid to work on their creativity. Kids who are older than 2 years will need more human interaction. So make sure that they are spending a good amount of time playing and interacting with children of their age.


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