Best Car Seat Accessories to Keep Your Baby Safe

We have listed a range of infant car accessories in this article that are normally used, but are they even safe? Find out what car seat accessories are best for your babies and when they are unsafe to use.

It is a commonly accepted notion that using a lot of accessories for your baby’s car seat will provide them additional protection and safety. But the truth is, you can’t know for sure whether the accessories you have so keenly purchased are even safe to use.

Most of the car seat accessories that are available online or in retail shops are not properly crash-tested, making them highly unsafe to use.

So, should you drop the idea of purchasing car seat accessories? Well, many manufacturers adhere to safety standards and produce crash-tested child car seat accessories. By using accessories that are specially manufactured to enhance your baby’s car seat performance, you can provide your little ones additional protection while they are in the car.

In this article, we will explore some safe-to-use car seat accessories for your babies. Please keep on reading.

Best Car Seat Accessories for Babies

Seat Belt Adjusters

A seat belt adjuster is a popular car seat accessory, and you will see this device everywhere around you. This mesh-covered, triangular device is designed to keep the webbing of the seat belt away from your baby’s neck. This device is very popular among parents because it is considered an effective and cheap alternative to booster seats.

Many manufacturers who sell seat belt adjusters claim that this device is safe-to-use and reduces the odds of injuries for your babies.

When Seat belt adjusters are unsafe to use

Before purchasing a seat belt adjuster, see if the manufacturer has crash-tested the device. If it is not crash-tested, it means the accessory is not properly regulated and therefore is unsafe to use.



Headrests are cushioned devices that are designed to provide maximum comfort to your little ones as they ride with you in a car. But how would you know if the headrest you are purchasing is safe to use?

When headrests are safe

Many baby car seat manufacturers introduce their own line of car seat accessories that are crash-tested and adhere to all the safety standards. If you are not sure what accessories to purchase for your baby, check your car seat manufacturer’s website and find out what accessories are safe to use with your baby’s car seat.

When headrests are not safe to use

Do not purchase headrests from third-party manufacturers, especially if your car seat manufacturer doesn’t permit its use.


Baby Car Seat Covers

Infant car seat covers are gaining massive popularity among parents. These fabric covers are designed to keep your baby safe against sunlight, dust, germs, and other elements. They can easily be adjusted over your baby’s car seat without inferring with the seat buckles and ensure maximum protection for your baby at all times.

Baby car seat covers are multi-functional accessories that provide ultimate convenience to parents.

When baby car seat covers are safe

You can't wrap your children in a blanket or bulky clothing during winter because extra layers of clothing can interfere with the seat harness and sabotage your baby's safety. The best alternative to bulky clothing is a car seat cover that is safe to use and doesn't interfere with any of the seat buckles.


Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads also commonly referred to as harness or strap covers are foam-filled covers that go on a seat harness and reduce discomfort caused by the seat straps. But most people are concerned about whether they are safe to use as a child car seat accessory?

When shoulder pads are safe to use

If you have purchased your harness cover from an approved manufacturer, then it is definitely safe to use. Please make sure that your car seat manufacturer approves the use of shoulder pads before installing one on your baby’s car seat.

When shoulder pads are unsafe

Harness covers purchased from third-party manufacturers that haven’t been approved or crash-tested can cause more harm to your baby than good.


Child Car Seat Protectors

Seat protectors are basically coverings that protect your baby’s car seat from dirt, food, and beverage spills. They are also installed to avoid any damage caused by the child seat to your main car seat.

Are they safe to use?  

Unless seat protector accessories don’t interfere with the seat buckles, they are completely safe to use. If you are purchasing seat protectors from an approved manufacturer, that’s a plus point, meaning you are using a risk-free accessory that causes no additional harm to your little one.

When seat protectors are unsafe

Most aftermarket protectors have a poor fit and interfere with the seat installation system, making them highly unsafe to install in your baby’s car seat. Avoid using aftermarket products and look for a seat protector that properly fits your baby’s car seat without upsetting the restraint system.



Mirrors are attached to the car seat so that parents in the front seat can keep an eye on their little ones. Toys, on the other hand, are added for the entertainment of babies. Toys are added in this section because both toys and mirrors can have the same effect on your baby’s safety in the event of a car crash.

When are toys and mirrors not safe to use?

Mirrors can be highly unsafe for your babies. If you are in a car crash, a mirror attached to your baby's seat can cause serious and even fatal injuries. Soft toys, on the other hand, are safe to use.


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