Are Toddlers Nap Mats Worth It? All You Need To Know About Baby Nap Mats

Naptime is the most important part of your child's day. A healthy amount of sleep is equivalent to a happy and energetic baby. Napping also plays an eminent role in the development and growth of your baby. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure that your toddler is getting enough sleep.


Unfortunately, if your kid spends a lot of time outside it can interfere with his sleep pattern. If your kid is a preschooler or spends a good amount of time at daycare, then a nap mat is something that can help your baby out. These nap mats can be used to get that little extra amount of sleep when you are at a friend's house, school, or traveling.


Why Use Nap Mats?

Most of the kids sleep in cribs until 3 years old and then they are moved to beds. However, some are moved to framed beds much sooner. Nap mats give a middle ground to kids who are used to sleeping in a crib as well as on beds.


Studies confirm that kids are likely to sleep better in their personal space. This is the reason it is important that you alienate the surroundings while your kid is sleeping. Consider toddler nap mats as comfortable cocoons for your little ones. These nap mats provide an added cushioning which allows your baby to comfortably sleep on the floor as well.


Moreover, nap mats are best used when you are traveling. You can say that nap mats are portable and frameless beds that can be easily rolled up and packed wherever you go. You can lay a nap mat at the back of the car seat, on a couch, or even on the floor and your baby can crawl into it to sleep. You can add a toddler nap mat to your child’s school gear as well. If your child falls asleep in school, there is usually no comfortable place for him to sleep peacefully. A portable and easily foldable nap mat can help your munchkin out in school, daycares, and at babysitters as well.


How to Choose a Nap Mat?

Fortunately, there are various types of toddler nap mats available for you to choose from. Different nap mats have different qualities that may suit your toddler. There are rolling toddler nap mats that can be easily rolled and packed inside a bag or in your car. These kinds of nap mats are best if you are traveling with your toddler and you need to carry one inside your baby bag. The stackable nap mats can be easily stored and stacked in the house as well in the back seat of your car.


Buying a nap mat for your toddler is no rocket science. However, there are some important factors that you need to consider before buying a nap mat for your kid. Here is a checklist of all the important features a toddler nap mat should have.


Padding and Thickness

Make sure that the nap mat you are choosing has a sufficient amount of padding. Especially if your baby will sleep on the floor, thick padding will give a more comfortable sleep. The stuffing should be soft and not too bulky or heavy. Heavy nap mats can be hard to carry around when you are traveling. If you plan to use a nap mat on a mattress or couch, then you can also choose thinner padding and stuffing. It all depends on how you want to use it and what your child prefers.



With kids, accidents can happen anytime. This is the reason why you need to make sure that your toddler nap mat is easily cleanable. Most nap mats are waterproof, all you will need is a wipe to clean them. We recommend that you find easy ways to clean your toddler's nap mat. It can be wiped cleaned, hand-washed, or can be thrown into the washing machine depending on the materials and features.



Choose a nap mat that will suit your baby’s needs as well as yours. You will first need to know what you want a nap mat for. If you are a parent who travels a lot, then you may need to select an easily packable nap mat. A lot of to toddler nap mats come with styles that are easy to roll up. Some may also have a handle or strap to ensure easy transportation. You can easily roll up these nap mats and carry them around like a bag.


Or if you intend to not move the nap mat a lot and it is going to remain in one place, then more firm and foldable nap mats will work better for you. Most of these nap mats come with an attached blanket so that you will not lose it. Don't matter what type of style you are choosing, make sure that the material and fabric of your nap mat are soft and comfortable. Harsh and textured material can irritate your baby's sensitive skin.


Choose What Your Kid Likes

Kids are attracted to colors, shapes, and patterns. A cute, comfy, and cozy bed is a must for your kid. If your kid sets his heart to a nap mat, then he will need no persuading to get under the sheets. He will adore his nap mat and will feel happy and more comfortable sleeping in it.


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