A Guide to Different Types of Newborn Carriers

Are planning to buy a baby carrier for your little one but are confused between its various types? Don't worry, this guide on different types of baby carriers will get you covered!

Carrying a baby around your shoulders can risk your child’s safety and also limit your movement to a greater extent. Newly designed and multi-functional baby carriers are launched to help parents take care of their daily tasks without having to carry their little ones uncomfortably around their bodies. Plus, these carriers provide your baby with a snug and comfortable environment, so they can easily snooze off. And if they don’t feel sleepy, they can simply hang around your body and explore the world as you do.

But parents often feel overwhelmed by the varieties and types of baby carriers available in the market. In this guide, we will provide a solution to this problem. We are breaking down different types of baby carriers, so you know better before you make a purchase. So, let’s get started!

Types of Baby Carriers

While many parents choose to transport their babies in car seats and strollers, you should know that newborn carriers provide your infant with the feel of your body which keeps them more relaxed and comfortable. There are various types of baby carriers available in the market, but the best and safest ones fall into these categories: slings, soft structured baby carriers, wrap-style baby carriers, and baby backpacks.


Slings are the single-piece baby carriers manufactured from soft, woolen, but tough fabric. They mostly come in a single piece, meaning you can wrap them around one shoulder and create a pouch in front of your chest to hold your infant. They are ideally designed for newborns and infants. They can come with or without adjustment buckles, rings, or clips. If you feel embarrassed breastfeeding your baby in public, you should get a sling carrier because it provides maximum privacy during breastfeeding.

Slings are the best type of carrier for infants. It’s lightweight and easier to carry around your body while you perform daily activities. Plus, it keeps your baby very close to your body, providing them comfort and giving you the advantage to move freely.

But there are also some drawbacks to this type of carrier. Most mothers find it difficult to wrap all that fabric around their shoulders, and it often doesn't fit petite moms properly. Plus, a one-shoulder support design can be very uncomfortable for some parents and can also lead to shoulder pain if your baby is heavy. But the most significant drawback is that most slings cannot be washed through a machine.

All in all, sling carriers are an ideal choice if you are looking for a lightweight option to carry your little one. They also provide great flexibility in terms of carrying positions.

Wrap Baby Carriers

Unlike slings, wrap baby carriers are more easily adjusted and provide two-shoulder support to your little ones. While sling carriers are made of a brief piece of fabric, wraps have a wide fabric that goes around your mid-waist and both your shoulders, creating a comfortable pouch in front of you to hold your baby. New moms absolutely love wrap carriers because they provide maximum support and ultimate privacy during nursing.

Wrap carriers are ideal for infants who are not yet able to hold their heads steady. You can use this type of carrier until your baby is at least 3-4 months old. They provide a comfortable resting space for your babies very close to your body. Wrap baby carriers are usually made of tough, supportive, and soft fabric.

But warp carriers also come with some downsides that you should know about. One is that wraps can be extremely tricky and time-consuming to take off and put on. And just like with the sling carriers, wraps may also not come with a very washable material. Additionally, if your baby is healthy, a wrap carrier might not be an ideal choice. Unlike other types of supportive carriers, wraps often require some getting used to. But if you know your way around wraps, your little ones will love it!

Soft Structured Baby Carriers

Soft-structured baby carriers have straps and adjustable buckles to provide additional support and maximum comfort to both babies and their parents. If you loved the idea of flexible wraps but looking for more structure, soft-structured baby carriers are for you. They can be worn as front carriers and also as back carriers. They are excellent to take your baby on a walk or run outdoor errands while carrying them.

They are incredibly comfy, supportive, and secure. They come with two adjustable straps that go around your shoulders and two adjustable buckles that go around your back and waist.

While soft-structured carriers are a little more expensive than wraps, they have amazing durability and can last longer. They do not wear out easily and parents can often use them through their other kids.

There is only one downside when it comes to using soft structured carriers. They may sometimes feel heavier or bulkier around your body when you carry your little one.

Backpack Carriers

Backpack carriers are similar in structure to travel backpacks. They also come with adjustable buckles and straps to support the seat structure that holds your baby high above your shoulders.

If your baby loves to explore and likes being carried on your shoulders, you might want to consider buying a backpack carrier. They are also ideal for parents who travel a lot with their babies, as these carriers often come with convenient pockets to hold baby supplies and shades to protect your little ones against sunlight.

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