7 Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Carrier

Are you planning to buy a baby carrier for your newborn? Here are some things to consider before you go shopping!

If you are a first-time parent, you should know that a baby carrier or a baby bag pack is the most useful piece of equipment in your entire newborn supply list. It allows parents to move hands-free through the crowd or run their routine errands without having to carry their little ones on their shoulders. A baby carrier safely guards your newborn and keeps her close to your body, so she is cozy and comfortable at all times.

There are tons of good-quality baby carriers available in the market, so you are bound to find just the right one that suits your comfort and style. However, you must know some basic facts about baby carriers before you go shopping. Right here, we have combined a list of 7 things you should consider before buying a baby carrier. So, let’s dive in!


1. Baby’s Hips

The first thing to consider before buying any type of baby carrier is how your little one will be carried in it. Most parents believe that all carriers function in the same way, while it’s not the truth. You personally need to check how your baby’s hips lie inside the carrier before making a purchase. If a newborn is improperly carried, it can lead to hip dislocation and other bodily dysfunctions. Therefore, choose a carrier that properly supports your baby's hips (they should be in a frog-like state where their knees and hips are bent). Do not buy a carrier in which your baby's legs point directly to the ground, without forming a bend.

2. Peer Reviews

Another thing to consider is how other parents around you or on the internet like a certain baby carrier. You can ask your mom-friends what kind of baby carrier they use for their little ones and how they like it, or you can simply go online, search "baby carrier for women," and select an item with the most positive reviews. Checking reviews before buying anything for your baby will often leave you with the right and safe product.

3. Baby’s Age

Just like baby strollers, car seats, cradles, and other newborn carrying items, baby carriers also come with a certain age and weight limit. First of all, you need to decide how long you want to carry your little one in a baby carrier. Are you planning to use a carrier from early infancy to at least a year? Experts say that as babies grow heavier with age, it becomes very uncomfortable and unhealthy to carry them around your body. Whatever you decide, it will be a wise thing to check the age and weight limits on the baby carrier you are planning to purchase. If it's not mentioned on the label, ask the retailer or the manufacturer.

4. Type of the Carrier

There are so many types of baby carriers available in the market that you can easily become confused. Therefore, it is best that you do some research online about the types of baby carriers before hitting the market. The research will not only make you familiar with the different types of baby carriers but will also tell you what kind will suit you the best. It's also very important that you check the practicality of the carrier before making a purchase. This means, that the carrier you choose must be practical enough to allow you free movement while you are carrying your newborn.

5. Style and Design

Well, with so many amazing options, it won't be difficult to pick and choose your style preference. Stores online are filled with different varieties of baby carrier newborns. There are light and sleek styles, and also the more structured and heavier ones. Modern baby carriers are also lined with different patterns and colors, so you don't have trouble selecting the one you like. While as a mom or a dad, you might be drawn towards a particular style, keep in mind that your partner will also be using it. So, select a style and color that you both will feel comfortable in.

6. Cost

Cost is something you should always consider before buying any newborn supply. Babies outgrow their stuff in a blink and all the expensive equipment you purchase for their infant stage just remains locked in a storage cupboard. So, make smart choices when purchasing newborn supplies.

Baby carriers vary in price, and just because one carrier is inexpensive doesn’t mean that it has cheap quality. So, do not discard an item because it is priced cheap. Look for a reasonably priced baby carrier, check its reviews online, and you are all set!

7. Comfort

Now, lastly, another important to consider is your own comfort. After all, you are the one who will be wearing the carrier. See if its straps are soft and comfortable. They should not dig into your shoulder or cause any kind of discomfort. The carrier should also have appropriate back support, so you do not end up with back pain or an injury. And the buckles should be adjusted in a way that it is easier to access your little one without any hassle.

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