5 Tricks to Get an Uncooperative Baby into Their Car Seat

You know that the safest option for your baby is to get a car seat. You have bought one, installed one, even read a manual. The only problem is that your toddler just will not get into the car seat. If this is the problem with you, then fret not! Because we all have been there, done that.


There are some solutions that you can adopt to make this process a little less frustrating. You just have to be a little smart and creative with your ways.


Sometimes, or should we say most of the time, toddlers are in no mood to do what they want. Getting into the car seat is one of those things. In this blog, we will discuss how you can get your kid to get into the car seat without any tantrums and struggles.


The tactics differ based on how old your baby is. Older kids can prove to be slightly more stubborn when it comes to making themselves do something. Here is how you can get your child of any age to get into the car seat for their safety.


For Smaller Babies

 1. Putting the kids to bed is a good idea

Parents of newborns would agree on one thing: life is so much easier when their baby is peacefully asleep.

If you want to avoid trouble, one great idea is to put your baby to sleep before getting him into the car seat. You can safely tuck your baby in the car seat while asleep and he will not even realize, whether he is sleeping in his crib or car seat.


2. it’s a good time to have an adult behind the baby and play with him

Younger babies are not the happiest version of themselves when they are in a car seat. This is probably because there is nobody to keep him entertained on the back. Young babies always require someone or something to focus on. It's a constant struggle to keep them occupied and entertained.

If your baby also squirms at the sight of a car seat, then it is probably a good idea to have an adult behind the little troublemaker to play with him and make him feel safe, secure, and comfortable.


3. Feed and change diapers before going out

You need to make sure that your baby is as comfortable as possible in his car seat. If he is comfortable in it, then only will he stay into it.

You can ensure that your baby is not uncomfortable by feeding him and changing his diapers before going out. These two are the two major reasons which cause babies to get cranky and irritated. If you take of these common things, then chances are that your baby will throw fewer tantrums and will be happier while traveling.


For Older Children  

The situation gets pretty different and probably worse when your baby starts to grow and so does the struggle of persuading him to get into the car seat. Older babies can be more stubborn. You cannot push them into the car seat and drive around while they are screaming on top of their lungs. That just doesn’t sound too convenient, does it?


You need to make your toddler understand the importance of using a baby car seat and keep him entertained throughout the ride. Here are some easy ways that you can use to get your toddler into the car seat.

 1. Get your child used to Seat Belt

Seat belts and car seats are major precautionary measures especially when you are traveling. You have to make your child get used to seat belts when they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their car safety seat manufacturer. Usually, seatbelts are safe for preschoolers (age 3-4), but only you can decide when seatbelts are safe for your children based on their height and weight.


2.Enrich his entertainment time in the car

You can't just let your kid be bored in the car. The amount of boredom he gets is directly proportional to the amount of trouble that he gives you. Keeping your toddler well occupied and entertained during the ride is a must.

 You can do this by either keeping his favorite toys with him in the car or engaging him in a conversation. Whichever you choose, you must keep his attention focused on something so that he will be entertained.

Little puzzles, storybooks, colorful toys, and video games are some things that you can use to keep your baby busy and happy.


3. Make him understand the importance of the car seat

Last, however certainly not least, make your toddler understand the importance of a car seat.

Most of the time, adults just order toddlers around without telling them the purpose and reason for what they are doing. Tell your kid why car seats are important and how they contributed to his safety.


Tell him the consequences if he will not get into the car seat and let him realize the significance of it. This will not only educate your child but will also make him think on a rational level the reason why he is told to get into the car seat and use a seat belt.


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